Directorate of Higher Education,
Central Building, Pune-01


Over the years, a number of laws have been enacted to help achieve the above mentioned objectives of
the Department. The regulatory framework consists of the following major Acts:


Name of Act  

01 Maharashtra University Act 1994 
02 Maharashtra Non Agricultural Universities and Affiliated Colleges Standard Code ( Terms and Conditions of non teaching Employees) Rules 1984  
03 The Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Management) Act 1976 
04 The Maharashtra Educational Institutions ( Prohibition of Capitation Fee) Act 1987 ( Amendment) Act 1996  
05 The Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety measures Act 2006 
06 Maharashtra Prohibition of ragging Act 1999
07 Maharashtra Prevention of Malpractices a University Board and other specified examination ordinance 1982  
08 Right to Information Act 2005  
09 Sc, ST, VJNT, OBC, SBC issuance caste Certificate and verification regulation Act 2000 
10 The Persons with disabilities ( Equal opportunities of rights and full participation) Act 1995  
11 Post Recruitment (Ministerial) examination, Department of Education and the qualifying examination (supervisory posts) Department of Education ( First amendment) rule 1999
12 Scheduled castes and The Scheduled Tribes ( Prevention of atrocities) act 1989  
13 Maharashtra State Public Service ( Scheduled Caste, Tribe, Vimukta Jati, Nomadic Tribes, SBC and OBC reservation) Act 2001 – implementation date from 29 January 2004  
14 Cigarettes and other tobacco products ( Provision of advertisement and regulations of trade and commerce production supply and distribution) Act 2003  
15 The Maharashtra Govt. Servants regulation of transfers and prevention of delaying discharge of official duties Act 2005
16 Maharashtra Civil Services ( a) General Conditions of Services; b) Pay; c) Joining Time Foreign services and payments during suspension dismissal and removal; d) leave; e) Pension; f) Honoraria, Fees, Compensatory local and House rent allowances; g) Occupation of govt. residences; h) Travelling allowance ; i)Discipline and appeal); j)Conduct Rule 1979
17 UGC regulations