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Post matric Scholarship for minorities
  • New notification:सन २०१८-२०१९ साठी National Scholarship Portal वरील केंद्रशासन पुरस्कृत शिष्यवृत्ती योजनांसाठी नवीन महाविद्यालयांच्या नाव नोंदणी बाबत...
  • New notification:केंद्र शासन पुरस्कृत अल्पसंख्याक विद्यार्थीसाठी पोस्ट मॅट्रिक शिष्यवृत्तीचा लाभ प्राप्त केलेल्या अल्पसंख्याक विद्यार्थीसाठी सूचना..
  • New notification:Transfer of Scholarship amount to Students bank account under Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Mode From 2014-15 Reg.
  • New notification:Applications marked defective by Institute/Nodal Officers can be corrected & re-submitted by Student till 12th November, 2017 2017-18.
  • New notification:Verification of scholarship applications by Institutes/Districts/States/Boards till date 15th November 2017 2017-18.
  • New notification:last date for submission of Fresh & Renewal applications under Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for Minorities till 31.10.2017 2017-18.
  • New notification:The Income certificate issued by any competent authority is a mandatorily requirement for any scholarship scheme for 2017-18.
  • Advertisement of Post matric Scholarship schemes for minorities. 2017-18
  • Format for New Institute/College registration & User id/Password of Post Matric Scholarship 2017-18
  • New notification:Timeline Activities under the Post matric scholarship scheme for minority communities for the year 2017-18.
  • New notification:Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for minorities For the year 2017-18
  • New notification:Re-opening of Online verification provision for Renewal Applications of three scholarship schemes meant for minorities.
  • New notification:Aadhaar notification for Central Scholarships 2016-17.
  • New notification:Extension of Timeline for verification of online applications under scholarship schemes.
  • New notification:Pending list of verification online FRESH application at Institution Level of Post Matric Scholarship Scheme 2016-17.
  • New notification:Extended Timeline for applications verification of PMS Minorities scholarship 2016 17.
  • New notification:Keeping of bank account Active/Operational by students to get central scholarship amount without transcation failure.
  • New notification:Configuration of Verification Workflow Under The Scholarship Schemes And Timeline Of Verification reg.
  • New notification:NSP 2.0 User Manual for Post matric Scholarship for minorities2016-17.
  • New notification:Extension Time line of Post Matric Scholarship for minorities online application 2016-17.
  • New notification:Guidlines for non availability of Aadhaar No. for Online Sholarship Registration 2016-17.
  • New notification: Enrollment of Minorities students for Aadhaar Number and it’s seeding with their bank accounts. 2016-17.
  • New notification: Guidelines for upload supporting documents on NSP 2.0 scholarship portal for Minorities students.
  • Operational Guidelines for FRESH Students.
  • Operational Guidelines for RENEWAL Students.
  • Operational Guidelines for Institutes & Colleges Officers.
  • Online Application for Post Matric Scholarship schemes 2016-17
  • New notification: National Scholarship Portal (NSP 2.0) Guidelines for School/Institutes/Universities & State Regional officers of Post Matric Scholarship 2016-17.
  • New notification: Time line of Post Matric Scholarship for the onlone application 2016-17.
  • New notification: NEW Rejected list of FRESH & RENEWAL student those having wrong Bank A/C Details for the Post Matric Scholarship Scheme 2015-16.
  • New notification:Choice and entitlement of Post Matric Scholarship Scheme 2016-17 for the students belonging to minority communities.
  • New notification: Updated Time line & Additional Information about Post Matric Scholarship.
  • New notification: National Scholarship Portal (NSP)-Edit option to correct bank details for students whose claims reject at the time of Bank Validation during 2014-15.
  • Advertisement of Post matric Scholarship 2015-16.
    Important Links for Schalarships
  • Know your payment status for PMS & CSS scholarship schemes
  • Schalarships Schems and their Sanctions Lists
  • Post Matric Scholarships 2014-15(PMS)=>> PMS sanction lists 2014-15
  • Aadhaar Card Section
  • New notification:Sensitization about Aadhaar and Bank Details of the Beneficiaries under scholarship schemes meant for minorities..06-06-2017 . 2016-17.
  • New notification:Form and information for Aadhaar linking(seeding)with bank account2016-17.
  • Registration of Addhar Number of Government & Non Government/Granted and Non Granted COlleges. Under Higher & Techiaical Education
  • Aadhaar Enrollment Centers in Maharashtra-Candidates aspiring for admission are advised to get Card.
  • Post Matric Scholarship 2015-16



  • Sanctioned Student’s-FRESH

  • Sanctioned Student’s-RENEWAL

  • Rejected Student’s-FRESH

  • Rejected Student’s-RENEWAL